Fowlmaster Kennels specializes in gun dog retriever training. We begin with basics and work all the way to a high end finished retriever. We offer handling in HRC and AKC hunt tests so you and your retriever can be awarded titles to showcase his/her abilities. We also offer basic obedience and general hunting dog training for those owners not wanting to compete in hunt tests. We firmly believe that it is very important that the owner is also trained to be able to enjoy the skills of his/her retriever. Owner/Handler training is included in our training program.

Training Fees:

Puppy head start program (8 weeks to 6 months old) $600.00 monthly

Obedience and gun dog training (6 months and older) $650.00 monthly

Hunt Test handling fees (plus entry fees) $50.00 per day

(Birds (live flyers), Heart worm preventive and flea and tick preventive are not included in monthly fees)
(Flea and tick preventive is required, we can supply for $15.00 per month.)

All dogs mature and learn at different levels and speed. Below is a basic outline of our training program:

(Also, please keep in mind with gun dog training, some of these phases of training will overlap with each other, example: your retriever will begin retrieving although he/she may be in obedience.)

We also treat your pet as if they were our own, if an emergency arises, we will make every effort to contact you but the safety of the dog is our number one priority so we will take them immediately to our vet. All vet costs will also be the responsibility of the dog owner.

Puppy Head Start Program

Your pup will be socialized, introduced to retrieving, obedience, birds, water, etc.

Basic Obedience

Obedience training is one of the best things you can do for your dog and yourself. It is the key to having a great dog, and the foundation for all future training and is the most important factor in having a loyal companion or a skilled working retriever.

It is extremely important for your dog to start off on the right foot, whether its future involves being a playful companion or a highly trained hunting retriever. In order to have a dog that everyone wants to be around, you must start with obedience.

The obedience training program generally takes 1 to 3 months. During this time, we will teach your dog the following commands: sit, down, heal, here, and kennel. All dogs begin with obedience on lead. At the conclusion of this program, your dog will comply with all of these commands off lead and at a distance. Your dog will also be taught general manners and what not to do, such as excessive barking, jumping up on people, play biting, etc.

Obedience training is the same for all dogs whether you have a pet, a hunting dog or a trial dog.

Basic Retriever Training

Our basic retriever training program consists of basic obedience commands (whistle), collar conditioning, force fetch (hold, fetch, and drop), introduction to birds, gun fire, and basic marking concepts on land and water.

When a dog completes our basic retriever training program, it will be obedient to verbal and whistle commands, deliver birds to hand and be retrieving out to 100 yards or more on single marked retrieves, on land and in water. They also will be reasonably steady to shot. It usually takes about 4 months to get to this point in training.

At the completion of our basic retriever program, your dog should be capable of handling basic hunting situations, and successfully compete in Started and Junior level hunt tests.

If you wish to pursue more advanced training, the foundations are in place to move to the next level which is multiple marks, blind retrieves and other advanced concepts.

Advanced Retriever Training

Our advanced retriever program is for dogs that have completed the basic retriever program. It normally takes a 4 to 6 month period to make it through advanced retriever training.

During advanced training your dog will learn a variety of new concepts and strengthen ones that they have already learned. Dogs in the advanced retriever training program will learn 3 handed casting, remote sit, and be forced to the pile. They will learn to retrieve multiple marks and perform blind retrieves. Your dog will also learn the concepts of steadiness, honoring, diversion birds, and walk-ups.

When your dog completes our advanced retriever program, it will be able to complete difficult multiple marking concepts, will handle smoothly, be steady, and honor another dog's work. Your dog will be able to handle most situations that may arise in an average days hunt and will have the skills necessary to compete in Seasoned and Senior level hunt test.

Finished Retriever Training

  Our finished retriever program includes perfected handling, literal casting, carrying a straight line, land and water triples and quads, and how to fight the factors. During the finished program, your dog will learn advanced marking concepts and advanced blind retrieves, with emphasis on precise marking, handling and straight lines through cover, difficult terrain and water. Hunting scenarios will include exposure to poison birds, blinds under the arc, inline marks, etc. By this point in the program your dog will be retrieving multiple marks over 250 yards and running blinds in excess of 300 yards.

When your dog completes this program, it will be prepared to compete in Finished and Master level hunt test. Please note, all dogs are not able to complete this level of training! We like to use the analogy that all humans are not capable of being brain surgeons or rocket scientist. If we feel a dog cannot complete this level of training, we will discuss with you what we think your best options are.


Pre-Season Tune up

The pre-season tune up is designed for the retriever that is already trained. We will sharpen his/her skills and get them in shape for the upcoming hunting or hunt test season. This session is designed to be 1 to 2 months of training.

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