Katie is 72 lbs of retrieving desire! Very trainable, excellent marking skills and hard charging when running blinds. Katie also has no problem putting one of her front paws and her head in your lap and giving you lots of love. Katie is a great example of a dog that we produced by using dogs with all the qualities that we strive for when we are matching sireís and damís.  Katie has some FCís a few generations back in her pedigree, but after that it was all hunting dogs. We liked what we saw in those dogs and believed in would be a great mating. Katie has not let us down on our thoughts and desires!  She is an awesome dog in the competition field and also in the duck blind. She attained her HRCH title at 25 months of age, her UH title at 36 months and is currently working on her MH and GRHRCH titles.  She is also a member of the HRC 500 point club. 

At 3 1/2 years old,, she passed her first Grand in the spring of 2009 in South Dakota.  She had a flawless week, never had to handle on a mark and ran her blinds with great style.  We are so proud of her!!  "Way to go Katie!!"


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