Dixie is a 61 lb retrieving machine. She is very steady at the line, runs with the same speed and style to and from her marks and blinds. Dixie is a very consistent dog with great marking ability and very trainable. Dixie was originally trained for the duck blind with great success, then we began training her for competitive hunt tests, she has not let us down. She made that transition with no problems. Full of desire, very trainable, superb looks, great style, outstanding temperament and very loveable!



                                       Flint River's King Solomon
                              Juniper Creek's King Solomon
                                       Juniper Creek's Sweet Casey
                    King Solomon's Decoy
                                        Randy's Tojo Trooper
                              Rose Quest For Excellence
                                        Rosebud Molly Pitcher

HR Queen Dixie of Solomon JH

                                      Maggie's Big Mac
                              Reno's Misty Puddle Jumper
                                         Princess Black Wild-Nic
                     Copper's Penny Magnum
                                         Kody's Yankee Surprise
                             Copper Penny XXXIV
                                         Golden Angel Casey