Angel is a 55 lb beautiful black female with an outstanding pedigree.  Very full of desire and style in every aspect of retrieving.  Angel is totally amateur trained.  At 7 months old she went 4 for 4 in attaining her SHR title.  In the spring 2009, at 19 months old, she attained her HR title.  In the fall 2009, at 26 months old, she attained her HRCH title. In 2011 she attained her MH title and also had a 9th place SRS finish.  She is a rock solid dog, full of desire, very trainable and a joy to be around.  She is another great example of our breeding program.

                                       FC AFC Wilderness Harley to Go
                              FC AFC Webshire's Honest Abe
                                       Pine Creeks McChigger
                     UH GRHRCH Webshire's Bouncing Zeke MH
                                       NFC NAFC FC AFC Candelwoods Super Tanker
                            Webshire's Mo' Bounce Per Ounce MH
                                       Ryphils Black Shadow SH
         GRHRCH UH Rush Duxbak Pronto MH
                                       FC AFC Connie's Little Thunder
                              FC AFC DonnyBrook's Rocky Road
                                       Raintree Farms Mint Juileo
                    HRCH Hilltop's Huckelberry Finn
                                        NFC AFC Candlewoods Raisa Rucus
                              HRCH Highlands Black Gold
                                        Troublesome Find

HRCH Fowlmasters Lil' Wild Angel MH
                                        Jumpin Jagger Flash
                              Jaclyn's Lil' Champaigo
                                         Earle's Sugar Belle
                    Trooper Blue Bennett
                                         Shadow Hunter Norman
                              Jaclyn's Golden Noel
                                         Selah Hunter Norman
          Candy Elizibeth Knight
                                         J D Barrett Bear
                              Tyler Boone Barker
                                         Chesnut Belle Reeves
                     Taylor Marsha Bennett
                                         River Brown Bruno
                              Passinaults Mandy Ann
                                          Little Ladys Coco